Plan Management

Long term solution to chronic pain

Have you been experiencing chronic pain? Tired of treating yourself with harsh pain killers? Do you dream of a pain free life? We can help you not only treat your pain but also work with you to develop the most suitable pain management plan tailored for your unique symptoms. Dr Daniel Kleinig’s passion and commitment to his patients means he’s constantly innovating and learning new techniques to help patients deal with pain. Dr Daniel’s approach comes from years of invaluable experience; he is now regarding as one of Queensland’s best pain specialists.

As well as traditional methods, Dr Daniel Kleinig has been using a treatment called Prolotherapy. This modern way of dealing with specific pain symptoms has proven to work in many cases. It requires a series of glucose injections into the relevant area; a safe salient that is designed to help tighten the damaged tissue, in turn improving the affected areas ability to function like it once did. The treatment can take a few weeks or even months to kick in, depending on your age, health and nutritional status the treatment will last a few months or in some cases patients feel the benefits for years.

Pain has a degenerative function and therefore you must take it seriously before it’s too late, book an appointment with Dr Daniel Kleinig today and start the process of combating your chronic pain. With the right treatment you could be on your way to a pain free life and we want to be a part of that.